Here's What Happened

Here's What Happened is a cute, queer, webcomic about two friends who get together during their senior year of high school and have to learn to grow alongside one another as they each face their own challenges with mental health. It has been running since 2017 with twice-weekly updates over on tapas. You can find it here: Here's What Happened

According to my totally unbiased best friend, "You can't help but love and empathize with everybody in this wonderfully realistic (cute, queer) webcomic."

The Tennyson Twins

The Tennyson Twins is a weird conglomeration of watercolor backgrounds, pen-and-ink illustrated props, Fashion Pollys from the early 2000s, and some digital art/design. The story focuses on three childhood friends who are reunited during their senior year of high school. You can find it here: The Tennyson Twins

According to my totally unbiased best friend, "The most wholesome relationships and the most artistically creative comic I've ever seen."

Samson and Hank

Samson and Hank is a short (completed) and silly story about two guys on a "Take a Hike with a Geek" challenge. I wrote this comic in 2019, inspired by the absolutely ridiculous holiday "National Take A Hike With A Geek Day" (June 25th). You can read it here: Samson And Hank

According to my totally unbiased best friend, "Equal parts comedy, personality, and heart: the recipe for a perfect binge-read!"

Semi-Autobiographic Comics

The first webcomic I ever posted was a little pen-and-ink sketchy mess that I would post pictures of on Instagram called "Incompetent Kat." When, for my birthday, I was given half of the money I'd need to buy a tablet, I started "Kat Bites" on Tapas. These days, I don't really do either but I do occasionally draw sketchy little slice of life comics on post-it-notes. You can access some of these comics and more information about my semi-autobiographical comics in general here!